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Waiting and Seeking

Dear Salem Family,

The season of Advent is about waiting and seeking. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty horrible at waiting. I’d like to think I’m good about seeking, or at least observing. But, like a lot of people, sometimes I need to be knocked over the head with something before I realize what’s happening.

I read this today and it spoke to me, so I wanted to share…


Dear Salem Family,

In Adult Sunday School this past Sunday we talked about service and the needs right around us. As we discussed service, we discussed what we can do for others. Then we began to talk about what we’re doing with others. Part of service is being in relationship with others and not always doing things for them, but developing a relationship with them.…

What the World Needs Now…

Dear Salem Family,

A passage from a book I’m reading currently got me thinking. One chapter is called No Strings Attached. Jen Hatmaker writes, “I was scared, first and foremost of God…I was also scared to love people. What if they were wrong? Wrong about what you ask? Oh, just anything. Wrong living, wrong ideas, wrong faith, wrong crowd. If I loved someone ‘wrong,’ then I…

Community: An Unexpected Family

Sunday School started up this week and I was a part of the adult education discussion. We started the year off talking about Community: An Unexpected Family. And if you’ve read any of my letters before, community tends to be a topic I refer to a lot. And the discussion we had on Sunday was a great one about how we as individuals are as a part of community.

We referred to the verse…

Brilliant Light

A friend of mine wrote this, and with the eclipse this week, I find it quite relevant. “We’re kind of like the moon. When we put ourselves before God, all we do is get in the way of His light. We can never totally snuff it out, though. God is much too brilliant. Instead, it is a spectacular reminder of how dark we are without Him. Even when we’re in the worst place, His light still pierces…

Love is Messy

Dear Salem Family,

Community is messy. Being in relationship with people is messy. Loving others is messy. If I’ve learned anything from my therapeutic background, and my many jobs of working with people, is that we are messy beings. There isn’t a stock way of dealing with people. We need to get to know people and seek to understand others as we interact with them. There is a clear correlation…

Listening to Understand

Dear Salem Family,

I read an article the other day and this quote hit me and stuck with me for days, “The problem isn’t when Christians disagree, it’s when they lose the ability to disagree without dialogue. It’s when they lose the ability to welcome diversity of thought. The Church has become a members-only club, defined by the narrowest of doctrines and a singular understanding…

The Great Commission

Dear Salem Family,

We dwell in the word in staff meetings on the text two weeks out. And this week I was struck by something in the Matthew text, Matthew 28:16-20, 16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him,…

Gather Around the Table

Dear Salem Family,

I love food. Many of you know I love food. I love to cook, dine out, share a meal, experiment with new recipes, I love food. But, I think what I love most about food is that it brings people together. Whether it’s two people sharing a meal or a huge party, food brings people together. These last couple of weeks, I was reminded multiple times about how much I…

New Relationships

Dear Salem Family,

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with some friends that are a part of the Islamic community of Johnson County. We had 4 friends visit Salem last Sunday and they talked with us about the similarities between Christianity and Islam. 24 members of Salem joined together in conversation with the Islamic community. We listened to our friends talk about the…

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