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Step Out of the Shadows

Wow, there is so much going on in this text today that if you wanted me to attempt to address it all, you would have to cancel the rest of your plans for the day. There is the imagery of water and Spirit. There is the imagery of Moses lifting up the serpent in the wilderness. There is the imagery of God’s Spirit being like the wind and blowing wherever and however it chooses. There is…

Making Space for Renewal

Dear Salem Family,

I have been reflecting the last week on the word busy. We are so busy with so many things. There is always something to do, and always something we need to do. I will admit, I love being busy. I love having a full calendar and seeing all kinds of people and being involved in all kinds of things. But, I’ve also learned that when I am that busy, sometimes I’m not always…

Who Do We Serve?

The celebration is over. I know, it was fun to celebrate Christmas and even the Season of Epiphany where we talked about all those miracles Jesus did and heard about how God revealed Jesus to the world, but it is time to stop celebrating. It is time, now, to enter a period of journeying in the wilderness so that we might better understand the challenges we face in our lives and how we might…


Have you ever opened your stocked pantry or refrigerator and became frustrated because there wasn’t anything good to eat? Have you ever sat down at the dinner table and felt disappointed because you didn't like the meal that was being served? I asked our 7th-12th grade youth these questions at last weekends hunger lock-in and they all said this was a pretty regular occurrence in their households.…

A Glimpse of the Future

For the past several weeks we have been reading through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which according to Matthew, came at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. But today, we fast-forward into the heart of Jesus ministry. Much has happened since Jesus gave that long sermon to his disciples. He has traveled throughout the country sharing the good news of God’s kingdom. He has healed many.…

​Salem – from Saturday evenings to Sunday mornings

Many of you know that I began at Salem as the Saturday evening worship pianist and song leader in 2004. My daughter Casey was only 9 months old, and had spent her first 4 months in the NICU after being born at 25 weeks, weighing less than 2 pounds. I was thrilled to join that intimate, tight-knit congregation, and found joy and friendship on Saturday evenings at Salem for 4 ½ years.


Be All That You Can Be

Jesus can’t be serious, can he? Turn the other cheek? If someone wants your coat, give it to him or her? If you are forced to carry someone’s backpack for a mile, don’t stop there, carry it an extra mile for them? Love your enemies and pray for them? This is ridiculous, after all, when it comes to God’s law, God did say, “Anyone who maims another shall suffer the same injury…

A Time of Renewal

Dear Salem Family,

As Meghan pointed out in her recent letter, last fall our stewardship campaign was entitled “Now is the Time.” It was a call for all of us to get active in the mission to which God has called us here at Salem. As we moved into the Season of Advent, our focus switched to a “Time to Wait,” for in Advent the church focuses on how we can actively wait for Christ…

God's Gift

My guess is that most of us have an image of God in our heads. I suspect that our image of God is based a lot on what we have come to expect from God. For some of us, we might think of someone like a judge. You know, a person in a robe, sitting at a desk with a gavel. In the U.S. we might think of God like a Supreme Court Justice. Still others might imagine an old man with a white beard,…

Now is the Time

Salem Family,

We went through the season of Advent, a time of waiting. Waiting for the birth of Christ, waiting for the joy. A time of preparation for our Lord. Our stewardship theme has been, “Now is the Time.” After we’ve gone through this season of waiting, now is the time. After the commitment the congregation made at the Annual Meeting, the theme, “Now is the Time”…

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