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​Let your light shine

My youngest turns 6 this week, and I made a little photo album of her dance pictures in the last 3 years. It’s so fun to flip the pages and watch her grow in confidence and grace! Many of you know that I’m a nut about pictures: I’m not one of those parents who says “it goes by so fast!” as I have pictures of so many sweet moments to prove exactly how long it’s been.

My oldest is 13, and spending this week at Rainbow Trail with the KCLYC confirmation group. The adult leaders are sending lots of pictures through facebook so we can “watch” our young teens growing in their faith together. It struck me that in the same way, I’m watching my child grow in confidence and grace – and she’s doing it without me clapping for her in the audience.

Our scripture this Sunday is about spreading God’s love and peace wherever you are. Pastor Dave has said many times that Jesus didn’t mean we need to shout on the corners with bibles in hand; on the contrary, people will want to follow if they watch how we live, and discover grace and love through our actions. We are doing this at Salem for our kids, and for each other.

Children do this effortlessly: they light up a room with their giggles and energy, and want nothing more than to share their enthusiasm with others. I think adults crave that same connection, they just hesitate because they aren’t sure how to do it the “right” way.

Allow me to encourage you: all it takes to share God’s love and peace is a smile. Look up and smile at each other this week, whether or not there’s a camera! We all want to be connected – don’t miss an opportunity to let His light shine through you.

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis, Worship and Music Director

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